Some words about us

Mitosys is a software factory focused on web and mobile application development that seeks to provide innovative and quality technology solutions. Developing cool products is our passion.

What we do?

We love creating new products that make your everyday life easier. We also enjoy working on cool projects for clients.

Why choose us?

  • Quality

    We're all about providing the best products and services.

  • UX/UI

    Our products are designed by UX/UI professionals who make you enjoy the experience all the time.

  • Innovation

    Our Team at Mitosys is working with the latest technology and looking for innovative solutions that make you feel like you are in the future.


Our awesome services

Because we also love working on cool projects for your business

  • Mobile development

    Native development for iOS and Android.

  • Web development

    Backoffice, landing page, front-end

  • We love working with startups

    Have an idea? Focus on your business while we build what you need :)

Our cool products

At Mitosys we love working on new products. Here you can see some of them. Give them a try, we are sure you will enjoy them!


The easiest and fastest way to get your photos!

Web, iOS & Android application

The team behind Mitosys

We believe the key about making great things is having a good team


Diego Mazzone

CEO & Founder


Bruno Frachia

Mobile Expert


Guillermo Franco

Full Stack Web Developer


Nicolás González

Tech Lead



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Our main motivation is your feedback, so we invite you to be an active part of Mitosys through the social networks or email.

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